It's Alive...

After countless hours and cups of coffee... we are live!

Welcome to Earthbound Astronomer.  Right now we exist as a resource site for the everyday amateur astronomer. Come here to learn about the latest in astronomy websites and applications. Download and use our educational documents in your classroom or at your next outreach event. Learn about our State Park Project and our experiences out under the stars.

These are humble beginnings but we are off with a big bang. Follow our visual diary via Instagram. Keep up with where we are going to pop up next by tweeting at us in the Twitter-verse. And get your daily dose of astronomical data on our Facebook page.

Contact us on any of those platforms as well as here on the site to let us know who you are in the universe and what you want to see more of and learn more about.  

For now, have a look around the site and get to know us a little better as we hope to get to know you.  As we are all on this planet, observing together, as astronomers bound to the earth.

Clear Skies,

Dawn Davies